How to leverage ChatGPT for UX

Austin Heath
2 min readApr 4, 2023


I want to say first off a few weeks ago I had not even tried ChatGPT, it was honestly just another trend to me. Now I use it everyday for work. I am still learning all the best prompts to give it to use and learning how to leverage it. In this article I will discuss some of the prompts I use and how I am using ChatGPT to speed up my work.

Writing UX cases to me has always been a time suck, I have been designing software for years and the best practice is to write use cases for your features. So the dev team, management and anyone else can understand in depth how certain features work or should work. In order to be a great designer you need to explain your reasoning. Not just that the user would like this feature but what the feature does.

AI made this wireframe for me

Here is a list of my favorite ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Can you write me use cases for a CRM. Please include Item A, Item B, Item C?
  2. Create a checklist for UI elements for a perfect [screen/feature] in a table?
  3. Can you write me the best features a Report should have in it and write me use cases for these features?
  4. Can you give me ideas for a basic site navigation?
  5. Can you give me example text for [Insert Any Feature]?
  6. Can you give me competitors for Airbnb (Great for research) ?
  7. What are the top features [insert any characteristics of people] demographic looks for in an app?
  8. Write me 5 ideas for error messages?
  9. Can you give me examples of ux user journeys for a reporting tool?
  10. Can you give me the best ux workflows for a login page?

Here are just a few prompts that you can start using. Always check the content of course and modify the content for your specific needs. You still have to have great knowledge of UX and system design.

ChatGPT has really helped me create some great user documents and has been able to give me great ideas on how to build the CRM I am currently working on. Anytime I am stuck now, I will ask it questions. This has been great to help me research products as well.

Overall, AI can help UX designers and researchers speed up the process by automating certain tasks, providing more comprehensive data analysis, and allowing for greater personalization and customization. This can lead to more efficient and effective design processes, and ultimately result in better user experiences.

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